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  1. Prosperity in place: meaningful work for mobile youth that enhances forest landscapes
    Duncan Macqueen, Jeffrey Campbell
    Mar 2020, Research report - IIED and FAO
  2. Putting producers first works: impacts and lessons learned from enabling governments and strengthening Forest and Farm Producer Organizations
    Jeffrey Campbell
    Mar 2018, Project report - FAO, Rome
  3. Achieving more together: empowered forest and farm producer organizations
    Jeffrey Campbell
    Mar 2016, Project flyer - FAO, Rome
  4. Forest and farm producer organizations improve income and access to markets
    Jeffrey Campbell
    Mar 2016, Project material - FAO, Rome
  5. Forest and farm producers working together to improve policy and secure tenure
    Jeffrey Campbell
    Mar 2016, Project material - FAO, Rome
  6. Local voices speaking together for global change
    Jeffrey Campbell
    Mar 2016, Project material - FAO, Rome
  7. Organised forest-farm producers mitigate climate change through adaptive resilience
    Jeffrey Campbell
    Mar 2016, Project material - FAO, Rome
  8. Multi-sectoral platforms for planning and implementation- working paper
    Duncan Macqueen, Jhony Zapata, Jeffrey Y Campbell, Sony Baral, Kanimang Camara, Leonardo Chavez, Sophie Grouwels, Fred Kafeero, Edward Kamara, Ewald Rametsteiner, Ogden Rodas
    Dec 2014, Working paper - Forest and Farm Facility, FAO, Italy
  9. The Forest and Farm Facility: building strength in numbers
    Duncan Macqueen, Jeffrey Y Campbell, Peter deMarsh
    Mar 2014, IIED Briefing - IIED
  10. Climate Change and Health in Uganda
    Ben Twinomugisha, Baterana Byarugaba, Proscovia Nalugya, Sari Kovats, Jake Bell
    2008, Report/paper - IIED
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