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  1. REDD+ in dryland forests: Issues and prospects for pro-poor REDD in the miombo woodlands of southern Africa
    Ivan Bond, Muyeye Chambwera, Brian Jones, Isilda Nhantumbo and Monica Chundama
    May 2010, Issue paper - IIED
  2. Fair deals for watershed services: Lessons from a multi-country action learning project
    Ivan Bond, James Mayers
    Jan 2010, Issue paper - IIED
  3. Water ecosystem services and poverty under climate change: key issues and research priorities
    James Mayers, Charles Batchelor, Ivan Bond, Robert Hope, Elaine Morrison, Breana Wheeler
    Sep 2009, Issue paper - IIED
  4. Incentives to sustain forest ecosystem services: A review and lessons for REDD
    Ivan Bond, Maryanne Grieg-​Gran, Sheila Wertz-​Kanounnikoff, Peter Hazlewood, Sven Wunder, Arild Angelsen
    May 2009, Issue paper - IIED
  5. Fair deals for watershed services in South Africa
    Nicola King, Russell Wise, Ivan Bond
    Nov 2008, Issue paper - IIED
  6. Sustainable financing of protected areas in Cambodia: Phnom Aural and Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuaries
    Maryanne Grieg-​Gran, Derek de la Harpe, John McGinley, James MacGregor, Ivan Bond
    Jan 2008, Discussion paper - IIED
  7. Payments for watershed services: opportunities and realities
    Ivan Bond
    Aug 2007, Opinion paper - IIED
  8. Scoping a DFID research programme on water ecosystem services and poverty reduction under climate change Report on Initial Findings Discussion Workshop 26th April 2007, British Medical Association, Tavistock Square, London
    Elaine Morrison, James Mayers, Ivan Bond
    Apr 2007, Event/workshop report - IIED
  9. Biodiversity for the Millennium Development Goals: What local organisations can do
    Dilys Roe, Ivan Bond
    Mar 2007, IIED Briefing - IIED
  10. Payments for watershed services: A review of literature
    Ivan Bond
    2007, Report/paper - IIED
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