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  1. Ranger perceptions of the role of local communities in providing actionable information on wildlife crime
    Michelle Anagnostou, Geoffrey Mwedde, Dilys Roe, Robert J Smith, Henry Travers, Julia Baker
    Apr 2020, Report/paper - Wiley Periodicals
  2. Understanding complex drivers of wildlife crime to design effective conservation interventions
    Henry Travers, Lucy J Archer, Geoffrey Mwedde, Dilys Roe, Julia Baker, Andrew J Plumptre, Aggrey Rwetsiba, E J Milner-​Gulland
    Apr 2019, Journal article - Wiley
  3. Monitoring and evaluation for non-professionals
    Henry Travers, Dilys Roe, E.J. Milner-​Gulland, Gladys Kalema Zikusoka, Alex Ngabirano
    Mar 2019, Report/paper - IIED
  4. Taking action against wildlife crime in Uganda
    Henry Travers, Geoffrey Mwedde, Lucy Archer, Dilys Roe, Andrew Plumptre, Julia Baker, Aggrey Rwetsiba, E.J. Milner-​Gulland
    Mar 2017, Research report - IIED
  5. What do wildlife scout programmes need to succeed? A review of wildlife scout programmes in Uganda
    Geoffrey Mwedde, Julia Baker, Henry Travers
    Mar 2017, Report/paper - IIED
  6. From Poachers to Protectors: Engaging Local Communities in Solutions to Illegal Wildlife Trade
    Rosie Cooney, Dilys Roe, Holly Dublin, Jacob Phelps, David Wilkie, Aidan Keane, Henry Travers, Diane Skinner, Daniel W S Challender, James R Allan, Duan Biggs
    Sep 2016, Report/paper - Wiley
  7. Nature’s stewards: how local buy-in can help tackle wildlife crime in Uganda
    Henry Travers, Dilys Roe, Andrew Plumptre, Julia Baker, Aggrey Rwetsiba, E.J. Milner-​Gulland
    Mar 2016, IIED Briefing - IIED
  8. Wildlife crime: a review of the evidence on drivers and impacts in Uganda
    Mariel Harrison, Dilys Roe, Julia Baker, Geoffrey Mwedde, Henry Travers, Andy Plumptre, Aggrey Rwetsiba, E.J. Milner-​Gulland
    Apr 2015, Research report - IIED
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