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  1. Informal food vendors and their role in the food and nutrition security of low-income workers in Bandung City, Indonesia
    Ronnie S Natawidjaja, Hepi Hapsari, Dindin Makhmudin, Irlan A Rum, Hanny Sulistyoningrum, William Vorley
    Aug 2019, Research report - IIED, HIVOS
  2. Mainstreaming adaptation benefits for Bangladesh’s freshwater ecosystems
    Hannah Reid, Md Liaquat Ali, Md Monirul Islam, Charlotte Hicks
    Aug 2018, IIED Briefing - IIED
  3. Addressing the impact of large-scale oil palm plantations on orangutan conservation in Borneo: A spatial, legal and political economy analysis
    Holly Jonas, Nicola K Abram, Marc Ancrenaz
    Jul 2017, Research report - IIED
  4. Making ecosystem-based adaptation effective: a framework for defining qualification criteria and quality standards
    M Bertram, Edmund Barrow, Katherine Blackwood, Ali Raza Rizvi, Hannah Reid, S von Scheliha-​Dawid
    May 2017, Report/paper - FEBA
  5. CBA10 Proceedings: Enhancing urban community resilience
    Hannah Reid, Mostarin Begum, Sarah Colenbrander, Alexina Jackson, Luise-​Katharina Minna Alfreda Richter, Amyas Walji, Mathew Winters
    May 2016, Event material - IIED
  6. Secure and equitable land rights in the Post–2015 Agenda – A key issue in the future we want
    Action Aid International, Huairou Commission, Landesa, Secretariat of the International Land Coalition, Biovision, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Millenium Institute, Forest Peoples Program, IIED
    Jan 2015, Report/paper - unknown publisher
  7. Ecosystem-based Approaches to Adaptation: Evidence from two sites in Bangladesh
    Hannah Reid, Sarder Shafiqul Alam
    Nov 2014, Working paper - IIED
  8. The role of local government in urban food security
    Cecilia Tacoli, Hoang Xuan Thanh, Mensah Owusu, Leonard Kigen, Jon Padgham
    Sep 2013, IIED Briefing - IIED
  9. Biodiversidad y cultura: exploración de protocolos comunitarios, derechos y consentimiento (PLA 65)
    Guest edited by Krystyna Swiderska with Angela Milligan, Kanchi Kohli, Harry Jonas, Holly Shrumm, Wim Hiemstra, Maria Julia Oliva
    Sep 2012, Journal - IIED
  10. Entender y facilitar un proceso de protocolo comunitario biocultural (PLA 65)
    Holly Shrumm, Harry Jonas
    Sep 2012, Journal article - IIED
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