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Local climate resilience finance: how can mirage become reality?

IIED Briefing
  • Duncan J Macqueen

Agricultural expansion in Zambia: what are the drivers and implications?

Project report
  • Nugun P. Jellason
  • Jacob Mwitwa
  • Elizabeth J.Z. Robinson
  • Barbara Adolph
  • Adam Devenish
  • Phil Franks
  • Geoff Griffiths
  • Pamela Katic
  • Syed Amir Manzoor
  • Adrienne Martin
  • Joseph Tobias

COVID-19 and land-based investment: changing landscapes

Project report
  • Clarisse Marsac
  • Nathaniah Jacobs
  • Tehtena Mebratu-Tsegaye

Summary of interviews with Community Representatives and Policy Makers (NGO representatives, government officials) present at the ZCBNRM National Consultative Dialogue

Research report
  • Annie Sikanwe

Summary of LeAP - IWT Survey Questionnaires

Research report
  • Annie Sikanwe

A Systematic Review of Drivers and Constraints on Agricultural Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal article
  • Negun Patrick Jellason
  • Elizabeth Robinson
  • Abbie Chapman
  • Dora Neina
  • Adam Devenish

Trust in climate finance requires meaningful transparency

IIED Briefing
  • Clare Shakya
  • Barry Smith

Promoting women’s influence in their food systems. Women's influence within food systems outcomes in the Sustainable Diets for All programme

Project report
  • Tarisirai Zengeni

The diversified climate-resilient business model of the Tubeleke Club

Case study
  • Juliet Machona

Strengthening capacity for advocacy in food systems of the poor

Project report
  • Natalie Lartey