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Exportando sem crises: A indústria de madeira tropical brasileira e os mercados internacionais

Report/paper, 160 pages
PDF  9227IIED.pdf (872.4 KB)

'Growing exports' is for all those who have an interest or stake in what happens to the Amazon forest. It provides a fresh look at developments in the policies and practice of the Brazilian timber trade though the eyes of those in the value chain. Written by independent Brazilian and international forest experts, it aims to provoke further discussion about what is going on and provide accurate information to underpin negotiated consensus between the interested parties. 'Growing exports' describes the ambition of the Brazilian government to more than double timber exports in less than a decade without decimating the remaining natural forests of Brazil, especially in the legal Amazon. Can it be done? Recent trade trends hint at useful options to explore. Extensive surveys of Brazilian timber producers and international buyers provide more practical information about the critical barriers to be overcome. A comparative study from South East Asia is used to draw lessons about what might make exports grow and at what cost to the forest. Will the free market take care of itself, or are major policy and institutional changes needed to provide a framework for the government's ambitions of export growth, and if so, how might this be achieved? Read on…

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