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A Global Partnership for Sustainable Development - Essential Ingredients

Discussion paper, 20 pages
PDF  G04343.pdf (436.01 KB)

With the Outcome Document agreed by the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals in July 2014, discussions on the post-2015 development agenda increasingly focus on how the new Goals will be delivered and less about what the Goals and their targets will be. Issues of means of implementation – including the final shape of a post-2015 Global Partnership for Sustainable Development to be agreed in September 2015 – are taking on an ever-higher profile.

There are multiple partnerships at different levels that need to be considered to implement an integrated and universal post-2015 development agenda: from support the international community provides to help meet sustainable development needs to the ‘global commons’ with a universal action agenda for all. In addition, there are partnerships at country level and at vertical (thematic or goal) level that are needed to ensure delivery.

This background note presents a perspective on what should ideally be captured in a Global Partnership for Sustainable Development (GPSD) as a minimum, and discusses:

• What worked and what didn’t with MDG8, the world’s MDG era attempt at forging a global partnership for development;
• The political, economic, social, and environmental context for a Global Partnership;
• What design principles should underpin a Global Partnership; and
• Specific elements that could form part of a Global Partnership.

This background document serves to stimulate a discussion how poor people and a fragile planet in need could best be served by individual governments, other stakeholders and the international community.

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