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Urban ARK 9: Inserting rights and justice into urban resilience: a focus on everyday risk in cities in the South

Briefing, 4 pages
PDF  G04297.pdf (283.75 KB)

The concept of resilience is widely used and is gaining policy traction globally. Much of the resilience agenda has been shaped by policies and discourses from the global North. However, its applicability for cities of the global South, particularly African cities, has not been sufficiently assessed. Urban residents in many African cities face unacceptable risks on a daily basis. Focusing on the rights of urban citizens as the object to be made resilient, rather than the physical and ecological infrastructures, could help to address many of the root causes of these risks. Negotiated or endogenous forms of resilience are key to bringing discussions back to people and processes that will enable a focus on rights and lived realities.

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