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Climate-smart pro-poor conservation: a literature review of theory and practice

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The combined term - Climate Smart, Pro-Poor Conservation (CSPPC) – has not been used by conservation academics or practitioners other than by WWF UK in relation to its portfolio of programmes that is supported with funding (through a Programme Partnership Arrangement (PPA)) from the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Neither DFID nor WWF UK specifically define the term CSPPC.

WWF UK’s combined approach reflects a recognition of the interconnectedness between climate change and poverty reduction and the need to address both in conservation if it is to be seen as relevant to the development community. The purpose of this literature review is to unpack the term CSPPC and to understand its theoretical underpinnings. It draws on the literature around climate smart conservation and pro-poor conservation, to identify key principles which characterise these approaches and to develop a framework for supporting learning and exploring different approaches to CSPPC in the context of WWF’s portfolio of activities within its different programmes.

Overall, this literature review seeks to address two key questions:~1. CSPP conservation – what does it mean in theory?~2. CSPP conservation – what does it mean in WWF Programmes?

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