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Manual on sustainable overseas forest management trade and investment by Chinese enterprises: Mozambique version

PDF  G04146.pdf (2.14 MB)

In recent years, Chinese enterprises are actively “going global” by expanding trade and investment in overseas forest products. This has captured the wide attention of the international community. The State Forest Administration and the Ministry of Commerce have published the Guide on Sustainable Overseas Silviculture by Chinese Enterprises in 2007 and the Guide on Sustainable Overseas Forest Management and Utilization by Chinese Enterprises in 2009 to give direction to and set standards for Chinese enterprises when they are investing in overseas forest sectors. The two guides aim to encourage sustainable forest management overseas by Chinese enterprises. This Mozambique-specific Manual presents the relevant legal requirements and guidelines for community relationship and technical capacity development for companies to realise responsible forest management and forestry trade investment in Mozambique. The Manual aims to help Chinese enterprises understand relevant Mozambican regulations and local demands for environment protection and social welfare, and to encourage a sustainable development pathway for investments, local communities and the forest resources of Mozambique.

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