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Taking action against wildlife crime in Uganda: balancing law enforcement with community engagement - U-PCLG Policy Brief

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Wildlife crime has come under increasing international scrutiny in recent years, with ever more money being spent on activities to combat it. But often little is known about the local factors that drive people to become involved in wildlife crime, or about which interventions are the most effective in tackling it. A huge amount of resources can be wasted if the interventions selected do not address the underlying drivers of crime.

In Uganda, detailed research undertaken around the Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth protected areas has helped us to better understand who is involved in wildlife crime and why. Based on its results, park level action plans have been developed for tackling wildlife crime. These describe how the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) can strike a better balance between law enforcement and community engagement. This policy brief sets out the key recommendations in the park action plans, and summarises the next steps that UWA and partners need to take to operationalise them.

This publication is an output of the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) - Briefing Paper

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