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Lindiwe Sisulu: 2008 Barbara Ward Lecture on the state and the urban poor (The Law Society, London)

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Lindiwe Sisulu, Minister of Housing of the Republic of South Africa, delivered the second Barbara Ward Lecture, at The Law Society, London, in July 2008.

The speech begins: It is indeed a great privilege to be invited to deliver the Barbara Ward Lecture and to be able to~address people in this audience many of whom are amongst the most eminent moral and intellectual voices in the world today. Barbara Ward achieved many things in her illustrious career and whilst she is perhaps best known for her pioneering work on the linkage between environment and development, the subject of my lecture tonight was indeed one of her passions. She wrote brilliantly and quite extensively on the subject. The topic of my lecture tonight is the relationship between the state and the urban poor, particularly those living in informal settlements.

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