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A Government Group Network for Climate Change Mainstreaming Into Development Planning: 2014-2015 Strategy and Plan

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Climate change is a global problem that needs a global solution, but its impact is felt within individual households and communities—adaptation to the impacts of climate change needs to be rooted at the local level. Recognizing this, government officials from Asia and Africa have formed a group to share and exchange knowledge and experiences in relation to climate change, particularly about community-based adaptation (CBA). The Government Group Network for Climate Change Mainstreaming (GO Group) is a community of practice of government staff working at national and local levels on climate change planning and budgeting. The group intends to create a knowledge sharing platform engaging with the international community working on mainstreaming climate change into planning, as well as to facilitate networking among group members who face common development challenges when aiming to achieve sustainable development.

The GO Group has evolved into a formal network of planners engaged in designing and implementing public policy responses to climate change with targeted goals. The group started its journey in November 2011 and its growth since then indicates the increased awareness of governments that climate change is a critical issue and that interaction across countries is a positive thing.

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