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Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) Annual Symposium 2007

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On 7-8 November 2007, the Annual Symposium of the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) was held at the London Zoo, London (UK). The main theme of the symposium was climate change – and the implications this has for biodiversity and for poor people. This was the focus of Day 1 of the symposium. On the second day the focus was on: protected areas and poverty; current work of PCLG members; future learning needs the Group may want to address. The symposium brought together about 50 representatives of PCLG member organisations (including donor agencies, conservation organisations, indigenous people’s groups and development NGOs), coming from both developed and developing countries.

This publication is an output of the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) - Event Report

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