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TAMD Appraisal and Design Phase Report: Nepal

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The monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation is a new challenge that has emerged very recently and the Government of Nepal, with the support of the development partners, is trying a range of approaches to adaptation and its M&E.

There are a number of challenges to successful climate change adaptation M&E including the lack of capacity, the availability, reliability and management of data, and the human resource constraints. However the implementation of these adaptation programmes also provides an opportunity to address these issues from inception.

The use of the project frameworks to go beyond monitoring towards evaluation and the learning of how to do more effective adaptation, would be an important step for both the Government of Nepal and the development partners.

Initial analysis suggests that the TAMD framework could be a useful addition to the M&E of adaptation in Nepal and could focus on large development partner initiatives, comparing interventions in different geographical areas. Baselines and common indicators may be identified from existing frameworks and government data systems.

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