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Smallholder Innovation for Resilience (SIFOR): Planning & Methodology Workshop Report

Event/workshop report
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Smallholder Innovation for Resilience (SIFOR): ~Strengthening Biocultural Systems for Food Security in the Face of Climate Change is a five year project running from August 2012 to July 2017. Its Planning & Methodology Workshop took place in China from 22-28 October 2012.

Funded by the European Union and UK aid, the goal of the project is to improve food security and resilience by enabling smallholder innovation and traditional knowledge systems to thrive in developing countries. The project will conduct research with traditional farmers in areas of significant crop diversity: potatoes in the Andean Potato Park, Peru; maize and rice in karst mountains, southwest China; rice and millets in the Himalayas, India; and underutilised vegetables in coastal Kenya.

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