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The Ongo Community Forest REDD+ pilot Project, Uganda: A socioeconomic baseline survey

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This report aims to synthesise information on current socioeconomic conditions within the villages that are to be involved in the Ecotrust Pro-Poor REDD+ pilot project in the Masindi district of western Uganda. Results from this research provide a baseline of the socioeconomic conditions of households in these villages that can be compared with follow-up surveys to be conducted after the REDD pilot has been in operation for some time. This comparison will help determine the impacts of the REDD+ pilot on poverty reduction and sustainable development.

This study forms a key component of the project ‘poverty and sustainable development impacts of REDD architecture: options for equity, growth and the environment’, led by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences(UMB). Results from Uganda will later be combined with research from other countries (Vietnam, Brazil, Ghana and Tanzania) to compare the impacts across countries.

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