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Tips for trainers: Other Oxford ': Participatory photography with homeless people in Oxford (PLA 52)

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This tips for trainers article provides information on how to run a participatory community photographic project with vulnerable groups. It is based upon our own participatory photographic project called ‘Other Oxford’ working with homeless individuals from the Steppin’ Stones centre near the Cowley Road in East Oxford, in the UK.1 We hope it will be a useful resource for anyone thinking of setting up a community photographic project. It includes: ~• resource requirements and sample budget;~• general workshop outlines/plans; ~• sample photographs and meanings (from the Asylum Welcome Project); ~• photos from the ‘Other Oxford’ project; and ~• general project guidelines

Participatory Learning and Action 52 is a general issue. It includes a wide selection of articles, extracts and training tips from participatory practitioners around the world.

Participatory Learning and Action (PLA, formerly PLA Notes) is the world's leading series on participatory learning and action approaches and methods. PLA publishes articles on participation aimed at practitioners, researchers, academics and activists. All articles are peer-reviewed by an international editorial board.

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Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) 52: General issue
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