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Building capacity for local-level management through participatory technology development (PLA 55)

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In: PLA 55 Practical tools for community conservation in southern Africa. Guest editors: Brian Child and Brian Jones.

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One of the major successes of the community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) programmes in southern Africa has been the participatory development of a wide range of management tools. Lillian Goredema, Ivan Bond and Russell Taylor describe the process of participatory technology development. More specific examples are provided for marketing (article 5), financial training (article 7) and quota setting (article 8). See table of contents for details. In all these cases, the tools are available in the form of manuals and toolboxes and can be made available to interested readers.

Keywords: CBNRM, conservation, policy, poverty, marketing, tourism, quota setting, revenue distribution, monitoring, mapping, theatre, finance, training.

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Participatory Learning and Action 55: Practical tools for community conservation in southern Africa
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