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Investment promotion agencies and access to land: Lessons from Africa

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This is chapter 7 from Responsible enterprise, foreign direct investment and investment promotion.
This chapter analyses experiences concerning the role of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) in land access. It
focuses on sub-Saharan Africa, drawing on countries such as Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal and Tanzania. The chapter is based on an analysis of relevant legislation and on a review of information available on the official websites of several IPAs and in the
literature. The purpose of the chapter is to map out issues and pave the way for further research, rather than to offer definitive policy recommendations – although some implications are identified for the work of IPAs.
Section 2 briefly sketches some of the key features characterising land tenure in Africa. Section 3 compares the role played by different IPAs in land access, while section 4 focuses on the procedures to obtain land access, including the safeguards that may be built into them in order to protect local land rights. Section 5 analyses the nature, content and duration of the land rights that investors may be vested with in different countries. Finally, a conclusion summarises key findings, identifies areas for further research, and outlines some implications for the work of IPAs in Africa.

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