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Boundaries to business action at the public policy interface: Issues and implications for BP-Azerbaijan

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This note is based on discussions at a one-day workshop for members of BPAzerbaijan’s Communications and External Affairs Team, and facilitated by staff of the International Institute for Environment and Development on 4th December 2006. The note is not intended to provide a complete record of discussions at that workshop, but rather to draw together some of the key overall themes and insights~from the day.

The overall aim is to provide a ‘back-pocket’ guide to the ‘boundaries’ issues that affect the work of the C&EA team in BP-Azerbaijan. Ideally, the effect would be to aid effective decision-making, and to build a stronger shared sense of how colleagues across the team’s functions address common (but differentiated) challenges in this area. It may also help to clarify some of the ‘bigger picture’ issues that cut across the~team’s work and point to challenges and gaps that the BP-Az Leadership Team could usefully address.

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