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STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: An International Review With a special focus on developing countries and countries in transition

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Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of policies, plans and programmes is a rapidly evolving field. New approaches and areas of application are emerging all the time, particularly in the fields of development cooperation and international trade. Recently, for example, the Network on Environment and Development Cooperation (ENVIRONET) of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) established a Task Team on the role, ~scope and contribution of SEA in support of development cooperation.

This review is intended to provide a baseline for the ENVIRONET work programme on SEA. It also supports a UNEP programme , initiated in 2003, to develop a generic framework for ìstrategic integrated assessmentî building on the strengths of SEA and earlier work on Integrated Assessment of Trade Liberalisation and Trade-Related Policies.

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