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Participatory photography: children's voices in municipal planning (PLA 52)

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Fahriye Sancar writes about involving children in municipal planning in Yali, an area of the Bodum penisular in Turkey. Children are seldom consulted in planning exercises, yet the results of the planning will have long-term effects on their environment and the future, in which they have the major stake. The children were asked to take photographs of their favourite places using disposable cameras. The photos were then developed and pasted on boards, and the children were asked to write down why they decided to take the pictures that they took. The pictures provided many examples of the children’s environment, reflecting what they valued in it and the use they made of it. These were invaluable in the planning that followed. They were particularly useful in indicating places that are highly valued by the children but are most likely to disappear as Yali grows and develops as a tourist destination, for example, wild places, streets, old trees, and junk. The article highlights the need to balance economic growth with preserving a sense of place.

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