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Participation and numbers (PLA Notes 47)

Journal article
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In this issue are articles on 'parti-numbers' - detailing improvements and developments in the participation field, documenting new methods of collecting data, allowing both qualitative and quantitative data collection and how communities can be empowered to collect information themselves without the need for outside intervention.

In many instances the information generated by participatory research is derived for and used by an outside researcher. Using numerous examples, the author introduces a second concept of participation, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, whereby data and information is generated and used by local people.

Participatory Learning and Action is the world’s leading informal journal on participatory approaches. Guest editors provide up-to-the minute accounts of participatory approaches in specific fields. Since 1987, PLA has provided a forum for participatory practitioners – community workers, activists and researchers – to share experiences, reflections and methodological innovations with others, providing a genuine ‘voice from the field’.

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Participatory Learning and Action 47
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