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Welcome to Issue 43 of PLA Notes

Journal article
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Document begins: xxx Editorial Welcome to Issue 43 of PLA Notes. Beth Harrison works in the Participation Group at the Special theme Institute of Development Studies and also teaches English Although this issue was intended to be a general one, we to asylum seekers. She was recently travelling in Canada had an offer of a special theme that was too good to where she worked in a cultural centre on the Hay River refuse ­ Advocacy and Citizen Participation. This is an area Dene Reserve, Northwest Territories. Previously, she has of work that has become increasingly important for civil lived, studied and worked in France and Italy. society groups as more attention is paid both to popular participation in decision making at all levels and to Valerie Miller has worked on issues of advocacy, holding those in power accountable. international development, gender, popular education and human rights for over 30 years. Currently co-director of The theme is based on a workshop which took place in Just Associates, she has worked with many organisations, the USA in November 2001, which brought together 48 including UNICEF, the Washington Office on Latin activists, development workers, and researchers from 18 America, the Highlander Center, ...

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