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PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 1 Ranking of browse species by cattlekeepers in Nigeria

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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 1 Ranking of browse species by cattlekeepers in Nigeria Wolfgang Bayer Background Interview with key informants The Subhumid Zone Programme (SZP) of the A list of browse species in the study area was International Livestock Centre for Africa compiled on the basis of observations of grazing (ILCA) has been involved in livestock systems cattle and interviews with key informants. The research in West Africa since 1979. The SZP has SZP enumerators and herdsmen were men from been carrying out long-term observations of the main ethnic groups in the area (Kaje, livestock management by agropastoralists and Kamantan, Fulani, Hausa) and had a good arable farmers in selected case study areas in knowledge of the local vegetation. With their central Nigeria, parallel to testing and refining assistance, a preliminary list of browse species innovations in animal husbandry and nutrition in was compiled according to the species' local collaboration with the livestock keepers. Rapid names. This list was checked with some Fulani appraisal techniques have been periodically agropastoralists who were collaborating with the applied to gain a preliminary understanding of SZP in on-farm (`in-herd') trials, and additional certain elements of the livestock production names of the browse ...

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