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Participatory environmental policy processes: experiences from North and South (PLA 40)

Journal article
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Given the growing range of actors concerned with environmental issues, the increasingly contested nature of environmental problems and the importance of building trust around decision-making, a more participatory approach to environmental policy processes is often required. However, there have been few attempts to assess actual experiences. In a recent paper, summarised in the article, the authors review the range of approaches for encouraging more inclusive forms of deliberation around environmental policy processes, drawing on experiences from both the North and the South.

This article was published in PLA 40: Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment (February 2001). Participatory Learning and Action (PLA, formerly PLA Notes) is the world's leading series on participatory learning and action approaches and methods. PLA publishes articles on participation aimed at practitioners, researchers, academics, students and activists. All articles are peer-reviewed by an international editorial board.

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Participatory Learning and Action series, issue 40: Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment
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