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Environment and Urbanization

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Document begins: Environment and Urbanization Please take a few minutes to complete and post this questionnaire to: Environment and Urbanization, Human Settlements Programme, IIED, 3 Endsleigh Street, London, WC1H ODD, UK or email us your responses to: THEMES FOR FUTURE ISSUES: Below are possible themes for future issues ­ please mark each of these from 5 (strongly support) to 0 (not interested). Remember that issues are already planned on Chronic poverty (October 2005) and Ecological urbanization (April 2006). Mark (0-5) Theme Addressing discrimination in cities ­ by gender, age or race Finance for poverty reduction; the role of loans and subsidies Addressing disease burdens (with a particular focus on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis) or A whole issue on HIV/AIDS Mobility and migration; supporting people's search for homes and livelihoods Reducing disaster risk and vulnerability in cities What scope for pro -poor employment generation? Climate change and cities in low- and middle -income nations Achieving a just rule of law in cities, including combating corruption Injury prevention Making city­region interactions more ecologically sustainable Can globally competitive cities avoid pollution and mass evictions? What constitutes good governance for cities; drawing on the views and experiences of mayors and other local politicians? Suggestions ...

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