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Public Private Partnerships and the Poor Small enterprises and water provision in Kibera, Nairobi

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Part of the project series 'Public Private Partnerships and the Poor in Water and Sanitation' which aims to provide workable processes whereby the needs of the poor are promoted in strategies which encourage public-private partnerships (PPP)in the provision of water and sanitation services.

Nairobi is one of a number of cities in Sub-Saharan Africa planning to increase public sector participation in water provision through PPP.

Kibera is Nairobi's largest informal settlement, and the home of a large share of its urban poor. The project that forms the basis for this case study has two major objectives:

1. To extend the water supply network in Kibera (thereby providing infrastructure needed to improve health and welfare of the low-income residents);

2. To enhance the role of the independent private sector in the delivery of water in Kibera (thereby providing the institutional setting needed to take advantage of the water network)

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