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vii The Millennium Development Goals and local processes: a summary

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Document begins: vii The Millennium Development Goals and local processes: a summary Any discussion of development assistance and of the role of international agencies has to consider the relevance of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for at least two reasons: most governments and international agencies have publicly committed themselves to these goals; and many are making changes in their institutional structures that they hope will increase their effectiveness in meeting these goals. This publication focuses attention on the local processes that can deliver the MDGs with regard to poverty reduction and sustainable resource use. It is perhaps stating the obvious that the deprivations faced by "the poor" are experienced locally ­ inadequate food intakes, inadequate asset bases, daily challenges to health in poor quality homes, the inadequacies in provision for water, sanitation and drainage, the difficulties in getting proper health care (including emergency treatment for acute injuries or illnesses) and in getting children into schools (or in affording to keep them there), and the long hours worked, in often viii dangerous conditions. Many of the poorest rural and urban y households live with the constant threat of violence and of eviction from the land they farm or occupy for housing. ...

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