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73 5 The MDGs and sustainable development: the need for a strategic approach

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Document begins: 73 5 The MDGs and sustainable development: the need for a strategic approach Barry Dalal-Clayton "Ultimately, sustainable development is not something that governments do for people; it is something people achieve for themselves through individual and collective change." (Cielito Habito) I. FACING THE CHALLENGE This chapter reviews the experience to date developing and implementing sustainable development strategies, and considers what can be learnt from this experience for implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The eight goals (and their associated targets) provide a new framework for guiding the thinking and activities of the development cooperation community, although they integrate many previous commitments. But there is a danger that they will be seen by low- and middle-income countries as yet another external international precept that they are "required" to respond to ­ much like National Environmental Action Plans (NEAPs) and Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs). Countries are already 74 Figure 5.1: Bombardment with strategic planning requirements: illustrative examples of international conventions and initiatives and national frameworks that typically challenge a country Chapter 5 INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL AND HUMAN INITIATIVES RIGHTS INITIATIVES Local Agenda 21s Comprehensive development framework National action plan to combat Poverty reduction strategy desertification National development plan ...

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