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55 4 How Can Markets for Ecosystem Services Benefit the Poor?

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Document begins: 55 4 How Can Markets for Ecosystem Services Benefit the Poor? Maryanne Grieg-Gran, IIED and Joshua Bishop, IUCN The world has begun to recognise that it needs the Amazon and other tropical forests. The time has come to start paying for them.1 1. INTRODUCTION There is growing interest in market-based approaches to conserving ecosystem services.2 In both developed and developing countries a range of measures have been introduced. The basic concept is to create positive economic incentives for 1. The Economist, July 24th 2004. 2. See for example: Daily, G.C. and Ellison, K. (2002). The New Economy of Nature and the Marketplace: The Quest to Make Conservation Profitable. Island Press: Washington, D.C. Gutman, P. (ed.) (2003). From Goodwill to Payments for Environmental Services: A Survey of Financing Options for Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Developing Countries. Danida and WWF: Washington, D.C. Johnson, N., White, A. and Perrot-Maître, D. (2001). Developing Markets for Water Services from Forests: Issues and Lessons for Innovators. Forest Trends with World Resources Institute and the Katoomba Group: Washington, D.C. Mantua, U., Merlo, M., Sekot, W. and Welcker, B. (2001). Recreational and Environmental Markets for Forest Enterprises: A New Approach Towards Marketability of Public Goods. ...

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