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167 Case Study5 Scaling-up Success in the Baimaxuseshan Nature Reserve, China

Case study
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Document begins: 167 Case Study5 Scaling-up Success in the Baimaxuseshan Nature Reserve, China1 In the rugged mountains of China's Yunnan Province, the Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve has recently been expanded. As a result, a large number of Deqin County residents now find their homes within its boundaries and have had severe restrictions placed on their traditional livelihood strategies of agriculture, livestock rearing, hunting and foraging for food. This experience is not unique to Deqin County. Due to the Chinese government's growing commitment since the early 1980s to protecting biodiversity and upper watersheds, the conflict between protected areas and local people's welfare has been growing. An official from the State Forestry Administration estimated in 1997 that 30 million poor people were living in and around China's nature reserves. In order to improve conditions for the people living in and around the Reserve and reduce conflicts with the existing conservation policies, WWF-China began working locally with selected communities within the Nature Reserve in an effort to develop alternative livelihood strategies and reduce the degree of conflict with Reserve authorities. Interventions included provision of micro-credit, improved crop technologies, re-establishing local regulations on resource management and other efforts to lesson their dependence on forests. There ...

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