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Associations of small & medium forestry enterprises India Outline

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Document begins: Associations of small & medium forestry enterprises India Outline Brief overview of the forestry sector Small and medium forestry enterprises (SMFEs) Associations of SMFEs Why do they form? How do they function? What do they do? What is their impact? What support is needed? Overview of Indian forestry Overview of Indian forestry Seventh largest country (329 million ha.) Second most populous (over 1 billion, 2001) Large population of the poor (c. 260 million as per official statistics) Large population of Scheduled Tribes (84 million) Forest cover: 67.8 million ha. (20.64%) Most forest land at present under state control SMFE enterprises SME sector vital for the economy No clear definition of medium industries until recently; categories ­ small scale industries (SSIs), tiny enterprises and village industries SSIs account for 95% of industrial units, 40% of the manufacturing sector output, 36% of exports 18 million people directly employed in the formal SSI sector; large unorganised/ informal sector Earlier large number of items reserved for SSIs; many dereserved SMFE enterprises Most forestry enterprises small scale and in the private sector No comprehensive estimate. Industry-specific data indicates key role: 98% of sawmills (82% sawn timber) 82% of safety match production (250,000 employment in ...

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