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IIED's Research Ethics Policy Draft, March 2007

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Document begins: IIED's Research Ethics Policy Draft, March 2007 1 Background and purpose The purpose of this policy on research ethics is to inform the design and conduct of research activities by IIED staff, so as to optimise research outcomes and minimise adverse effects on affected stakeholders. The policy draws on IIED's Values Statement.2 It takes the form of principles and guidelines to govern the conduct of researchers, so that IIED can pursue these values through its research work. Finally, it outlines the mechanisms that IIED will put in place to implement and review the policy. Commitment We strive to make the development and application of IIED's knowledge highly relevant to ­ and readily accessible in ­ the public domain, offering the highest standards of research quality. We subscribe to ethical principles that emphasise the rights, independence, dignity and safety of participants in research, and their equality within research relationships with IIED. Principles and guidelines For each of the following general principles, key (but not comprehensive) guidelines are offered: 1. Seek views and prior informed consent from key stakeholders, notably prospective research partners and directly affected communities and authorities, on the purpose and scope of primary research before it is ...

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