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IIED Guidelines on Business Engagement

Institutional material
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Document begins: IIED Guidelines on Business Engagement Draft Guidelines on IIED Business Engagement 1. Background 1. Founded over 30 years ago, IIED is a non-profit international policy research institute working for more sustainable and equitable global development (`sustainable development'). IIED aims to provide expertise and leadership in researching and achieving sustainable development at local, national, regional and global levels. In alliance with others we seek to shape a future that ends global poverty and delivers and sustains efficient and equitable management of the world's natural resources. 2. These Guidelines address IIED's varied relationships with business. They are one of a series of documents that address IIED's relationships with different actors: its research partners; its public sector donors; and (to be developed) representatives of poor people. 3. IIED acknowledges the importance of business in modern society and its potential to contribute positively to sustainable development. We recognize too that many sustainable development challenges need concerted action by all stakeholders, including business. Sometimes partnerships across stakeholder groups are an appropriate way forward. But there are also potentially tensions between IIED's mission and the profit-maximising mandate of most business organizations. Businesses can undermine efforts to pursue sustainable development as well as contributing positively. These ...

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