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A simplified matrix of findings Land registration in rural areas

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Document begins: A simplified matrix of findings Land registration in rural areas Ethiopia Ghana Mozambique Tigray Amhara System State land - "Enclosures" Land title - Community analysed registration system registration land system - "Traditional" (LTR) and registration system (100 Deeds - Titles (DUATs) woredas); registration to new land - Sida-funded users pilot (2 (analysed to woredas) some extent) Stage of Registration Traditional: Started Ongoing since Ongoing since implementatio completed in in 2003, to be 1883 (Deeds 1998 n 1999, problems completed in 2007 Registration) with updating and 1986 Sida pilot: to be (LTR) completed end of 2003 PROCESS Land State State Individual; State ownership stools, skins & families; State Rights being User rights User rights All interests in User rights registered land Basis of rights State (Last land State (Last land Customary Occupancy; distribution) distribution) and statutory customary land land tenure tenure systems Type of land Cultivated land CPR (inc. All land All types of land covered by enclosures) system Cultivated land Registered Household head Joint titling All individual All individual and right holder (cultivated land); and collective collective legal group (enclosures) legal entities entities; "Communities" Systematic/ Systematic Systematic Systematic On request Request with LTR On request if deeds Boundaries ...

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