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Policy coherence and the Millennium Development Goals

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Chapter in book The Millennium Development Goals and local processes.
The focus of this chapter is on the mainstreaming of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in some key aspects of economic policy in high-income nations. This is not to deny the importance of development cooperation, nor of government policy in low- and middle-income nations. Both are crucial for the achievement of the MDGs, as discussed in earlier chapters. The issue discussed here is what high-income countries can do across their whole sphere of policy-making to support low- and middle-income nations in their pursuit of the MDGs, and to ensure that their development cooperation efforts are reinforced rather than undermined by their policies in other spheres. This chapter looks at trade, which is addressed specifically in the MDG targets under Goal 8, as well as investment and competition policy, which are not mentioned explicitly but are of considerable importance for the MDGs. As mentioned in the previous chapter, discussions on cotton subsidies at the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Cancun in 136 September 2003 highlighted some of the contradictions between development cooperation and high-income nations' economic policies.

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