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Working for a just & sustainable world

Institutional material
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Document begins: International Institute for Environment and Development Working for a just & sustainable world Welcome to IIED, a UK-based international policy research institute and non- governmental organisation. Visit our website at: Sign up to receive regular updates on IIED research, events, and publications at: What's new at IIED: June 2006 Director's Report The world is now more urban than rural, say the statisticians. And in the next 20 years, more than 90% of growth in the world's population will take place in the cities of the developing world. So the UN Habitat conference in Vancouver in June will be a very timely event to rethink options for making urban growth more friendly to poor people, and to the environment. We're holding a brainstorming session with partners in Vancouver, and also reflecting on climate change and cities - what will be likely impacts, and how to design cities in ways that greatly reduce their carbon footprints. We will be bringing you news of this and more in our new regular IIED e-bulletin. Camilla Toulmin, Director, IIED News and updates For more information on IIED research visit: Climate Change: During the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies Meeting in Bonn, IIED ...

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