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Working for a just & sustainable world

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Document begins: International Institute for Environment and Development Working for a just & sustainable world Welcome to IIED, a UK-based international policy research institute and non- governmental body working for more sustainable and equitable global development. You can visit our website at: Sign up to receive regular updates on IIED research, events, and publications at: What's new at IIED: August 2006 Director's Comment Al Gore was in London last month giving his talk on climate change, why its happening and what needs to be done to stem the growing flood of bad news from the rapidly melting Arctic and Antarctica. It was an impressive presentation, with fantastic images, graphs, charts and high-tech tools carrying a powerful set of messages. And Gore has learnt how to be funny, ironic, able to laugh at himself and others, bringing a lightness of touch and vigour to the debate which visibly energises his audience. His focus is tightly trained on the US voter. His pitch is to convince the US public of the need for change, so that their children and grandchildren will have a future worth living, by cutting back on carbon emissions and investing in new technology. It's an appeal ...

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