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Climate Change And Development Consultation On Key Researchable Issues Section 7: Lead Survey Section 7.1. Overview

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Document begins: CLIMATE CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTATION ON KEY RESEARCHABLE ISSUES SECTION 7: LEAD SURVEY SECTION 7.1. OVERVIEW TREVOR REES Saleemul Huq and Hannah Reid Climate Change Group International Institute for Environment and Development 3 Endsleigh Street, London WC1H 0DD, UK Tel: (+44 20) 7388 2117 Fax: (+44 20) 7388 2826 Email: OVERVIEW We received a total of 194 full responses to our survey. Region Of the 140 respondents who stated their region nearly a third (32%) were from Africa (45 respondents). Southern Asia (25 res.) and Asia-Pacific (14 res.) made up a further 28%, the Americas 25% and Europe 15%. Of all areas Eastern Europe was probably least represented. Profession 147 respondents gave their profession. A very large 35% of our respondents came from Academia, with Business and Private Sector and NGOs and Government also well represented. Media stakeholders were not so well represented. Knowledge We asked the respondents to assess their own level of climate change knowledge on a scale of 1-10. Of the 146 a substantial 36% told us that considered their knowledge to be an eight or above, with another 27% assessing their knowledge as seven ­ the average. 31% said between four and ...

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