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Climate Change And Development Consultation On Key Researchable Issues Cross-Sectoral Issues Section 3.2. Gender

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Document begins: CLIMATE CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTATION ON KEY RESEARCHABLE ISSUES CROSS-SECTORAL ISSUES SECTION 3.2. GENDER FATIMA DENTON Saleemul Huq and Hannah Reid Climate Change Group International Institute for Environment and Development 3 Endsleigh Street, London WC1H 0DD, UK Tel: (+44 20) 7388 2117 Fax: (+44 20) 7388 2826 Email: Gender, Climate Change and Development Observations of the literature to date Scant attention has been paid to the linkages between gender and climate change. A close look at both the Kyoto Protocol and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) reveal that the word `gender' is missing. Indeed the literature to date reflects the rather meagre flow of information on the issue. Earlier literature makes mention of the relevance of gender and climate change and the fact that more efforts needs to be made to address the issues (Denton, 2000).i During the very first Conference of Parties in Bonn 1997, the climate debate was mainly scientific and the links with development rather peripheral. The association with gender, however, remained even more remote as the existing power differentials (usually an attribute of gender relations) became polarised mainly between two main axes i.e. the industrialised nations (Annex 1) ...

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