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SouthSouthNorth Adaptation Methodology

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Document begins: SouthSouthNorth Adaptation Methodology Content: SSN ­ experience and goals SSN ­ new Programme approach SSN Adaptation Programme New SSN Methodology for Adaptation for: Community Based Adaptation SouthSouthNorth SSN Group includes organisations around the world network-based non-profit Organisations share two decades of experience in fields of: climate change, sustainable development, sustainable energy, poverty reduction, social transformation and gender equality. First Group activities in 1999 Group operations formalised since 2001 co-ordinating project activities in Southern Africa, Latin America and Asia Goal: to build Southern capacity for sustainable development; and to find solutions to global climate change Largely funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands SSN and Capacity Building Southern focus Building capacity Learning by doing Project based activities Working with partners Sharing and disseminating of learning SSN projects up to 2005 Mitigation project activities Delivery of clean technologies Building capacity to help "leapfrog" developing countries to a cleaner path of development Example: South African Kuyasa Housing Project first CDM project in Africa world's first Gold Standard project SSN outputs up to 2005 Contributed to development of International Gold Standard label which ensures the highest standards of practice throughout CDM project development and implementation SSN ...

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