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Climate Change And Small Holder Farmers In Malawi

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Document begins: CLIMATE CHANGE AND SMALL HOLDER FARMERS IN MALAWI Understanding poor people's experiences in climate change adaptation Carol Kayira Action Aid international Malawi Introduction Action Aid Malawi conducted study to understand the insights of poor farmers regarding climate change adaptation. While policy responses to global warming have been mainly driven by debates among scientists, the frontline have been largely neglected. A field study was conducted using participatory Vulnerability Analysis (PVA) 1 in two districts of Malawi, ­ Mphunga village in Salima, and Mulembwe village in Nsanje which both experience droughts and floods. A policy analysis was also conducted to understand the policy context relating to climate change adaptation. Participatory Vulnerability Analysis (PVA) Understanding vulnerability PVA is a systematic process that involves communities and other stakeholders in an in- depth examination of their vulnerability and at the same time empowers and motivates them to take appropriate action. CLIMATE CHANGE AND ADAPTATION CHALLENGES - KEY MESSAGES FROM THE STUDY Key message 1: Smallholder farmers experience changes in the climate which is reducing productivity Changing rainfall patterns and higher temperatures have forced farmers to shorten the growing season and switch to more expensive hybrid crops. Frequent droughts and floods are eroding assets and ...

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