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Refugees, healthcare and crises: informal Syrian health workers in Lebanon

Working paper
  • Sharif A Ismail
  • Adam P Coutts
  • Diana Rayes
  • Sophie Roborgh
  • Aula Abbara
  • Miriam Orcutt
  • Fouad M Fouad
  • Gladys Honein
  • Nour El Arnaout
  • Aya Noubani
  • Hana Nimer
  • Spencer Rutherford

Exploring the nexus between humanitarian and development goals in Aleppo

Working paper
  • Saagarika Dadu-Brown
  • Abhimanyu Dadu
  • Muhammad Zaid

Civilian Protection in Urban Sieges: Capacities and practices of first responders in Syria

Working paper
  • Chas Morrison

Fitting aid to context: community experiences of aid delivery in northern Syria

Working paper
  • Deborah Cummins
  • Sarah Moharram

Water resources within the Upper Orontes and Litani Basins: a balance, demand and supply analysis amid the Syrian refugees crisis

Working paper
  • Hadi Jaafar
  • Caroline King-Okumu
  • Mohammad Haj-Hassan
  • Chafik Abdallah
  • Nour El-Korek
  • Farah Ahmad

Responding to the Syrian crisis in Lebanon: collaboration between aid agencies and local governance structures

Working paper
  • Marwa Boustani
  • Estella Carpi
  • Hayat Gebara
  • Yara Mourad