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Définition des mesures de compensation des exploitants non-propriétaires de Kandadji au Niger

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Construction of the Kandadji dam in Niger will involve, among other consequences, the appropriation of agricultural land owned by customary holders but also in many cases sub-holdings of other non-landowners. The government offered a long lease of 50 years for owners in compensation for their expropriated property rights. But how should the State compensate for the loss of the right of use by non-landowners working on expropriated land? This working paper addresses the issue.

The study, conducted by a team consisting of a lawyer and a sociologist, used a participatory methodology where all stakeholders were involved. The consultants met with local actors in villages, especially those affected by the construction of the dam, to collect data and information on the basis of access and use of land in the area, and the expectations raised around access to lands managed by the Kandadji programme.

The consultants also reviewed studies and recent work on the question of expropriation and compensation of land, and analysed the legal framework and public policies in place.

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