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Women, girls and biodiversity loss: an evidence and policy review

Research report
  • Francesca Booker
  • Hilary Allison
  • Fleur Nash
  • Annette Green

Gender concerns in debt relief

Issue paper
  • Jayati Ghosh

Gender sensitive social protection in the face of climate risk. A study in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, India

Working paper
  • Joanne Catherine Jordan
  • Raashee Abhilashi
  • Anjum Shaheen

Constraints for adopting climate-smart agricultural practices among smallholder farmers in Southeast Kenya

Journal article
  • Antti Autio
  • Tino Johansson
  • Lilian Motaroki
  • Paola Minoia
  • Petri Pellikka

Routes to change: rural women’s voices in land, climate and market governance in sub-Saharan Africa

Project report
  • Philippine Sutz
  • Emilie Beauchamp
  • Anna Bolin

Why simple solutions won’t secure African women’s land rights

IIED Briefing
  • Philippine Sutz

Gender and intersectionality in action research

Reflect & Act
  • Alice Sverdlik

Promoting women’s influence in their food systems. Women's influence within food systems outcomes in the Sustainable Diets for All programme

Project report
  • Tarisirai Zengeni

Can cooking solutions for refugees better serve gender dynamics?

IIED Briefing
  • Kevin Johnstone
  • Nipunika Perera

Understanding local climate priorities: applying a gender and generation focused planning tool in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar

Issue paper
  • Sam Greene
  • David Paul Pertaub
  • Sarah McIvor
  • Emilie Beauchamp
  • Philippine Sutz