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Post-disaster housing reconstruction in urban areas in Nepal: aid governance and local rebuilding initiatives

Working paper
  • Patrick Daly
  • Jennifer Duyne Barenstein
  • Pia Hollenbach
  • Sabin Ninglekhu

Emergency cash transfers and women’s economic empowerment in post-earthquake Nepal

Working paper
  • Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed

Leave no one behind: what is the role of community-led urban development?

Working paper
  • Sarah Colenbrander
  • Diane Archer

Collaborative action on soil fertility in South Asia: experiences from Bangladesh and Nepal

Working paper
  • Seth Cook
  • Chris Henderson
  • Menila Kharel
  • Afsari Begum
  • Abdur Rob
  • Sujan Piya

Unlocking climate finance for decentralised energy access

Working paper
  • Neha Rai
  • Sarah Best
  • Marek Soanes

Financing inclusive low-carbon resilient development in the least developed countries

Working paper
  • Dave Steinbach
  • Nanki Kaur
  • Neha Rai

Planning for affordable housing during densification in Kathmandu: Lessons from four settlements

Working paper
  • Amit Bajracharya
  • Pragya Pradhan
  • Poonam Amatya
  • Bhagawat Bhakta Khokhali
  • Sabina Shrestha
  • Arif Hasan

Political economy of international climate finance: Navigating decisions in PPCR and SREP

Working paper
  • Neha Rai
  • Sunil Acharya
  • Ramesh Prasad Bhushal
  • Raju Chettri
  • Md Shamshudoha
  • Misgana Elias Kallore
  • Nanki Kaur
  • Sumanta Neupane
  • Lidya Tesfaye

Multi-sectoral platforms for planning and implementation- working paper

Working paper
  • Duncan J Macqueen
  • Jhony Zapata
  • Jeffrey Y Campbell
  • Sony Baral
  • Kanimang Camara
  • Leonardo Chávez
  • Sophie Grouwels
  • Fred Kafeero
  • Edward Kamara
  • Ewald Rametsteiner
  • Ogden Rodas

Approaches to building climate change resilience in South Asia

Working paper
  • Simon Anderson
  • Nanki Kaur
  • Jessica Ayers