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A Systematic Review of Drivers and Constraints on Agricultural Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal article
  • Negun Patrick Jellason
  • Elizabeth Robinson
  • Abbie Chapman
  • Dora Neina
  • Adam Devenish

Socio-legal empowerment and agency of small-scale farmers in informal markets

Research report
  • Emma Blackmore
  • Emily Polack
  • Thierry Berger

Towards legal and sustainable investments by China in Africa’s forests

Research report
  • Seth Cook
  • Xiaoxue Weng
  • Ming Li
  • Jie Chen
  • Bin Xu
  • Yong Chen
  • Jingwei Zhang
  • Peng Ren
  • Lei Wang
  • Xiaoting Hou-Jones
  • James Mayers