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Urban planning following humanitarian crises: Supporting local government to take the lead in the Philippines following super typhoon Haiyan

Working paper
  • Elizabeth Parker
  • Victoria Maynard
  • David Garcia
  • Rahayu Yoseph-Paulus

Leave no one behind: what is the role of community-led urban development?

Working paper
  • Sarah Colenbrander
  • Diane Archer

Local and international collaboration in urban humanitarian responses: Perspectives from the Philippines, Colombia and South Sudan

Working paper
  • Tilly Alcayna
  • Furat Al-Murani

A city-specific focus on local and international collaboration: Tacloban, Ormoc and Palo (the Philippines); Medellín (Colombia); Juba (South Sudan)

Working paper
  • Tilly Alcayna
  • Furat Al-Murani

Tacloban after Haiyan: working together towards recovery

Working paper
  • Gerald Paragas
  • Amillah Rodil
  • Lysandre Pelingon

Building resilient and safe communities against poverty and disaster

Working paper
  • Patrick I Patino

Towards establishing water security and urban resilience in the city of Baguio

Working paper
  • Alejandro Ciencia
  • Lorelei Crisologo Mendoza
  • Gladys Cruz
  • Nimreh Calde
  • Michael Cabalfin
  • Maileenita Peñalba

Climate Change Risks and Resilience in Urban Children in Asia: Synthesis Report for Secondary Cities: Da Nang, Khulna, and Malolos

Working paper
  • Sudeshna Chatterjee

Community Savings: a basic building block in the work of urban poor federations

Working paper
  • Celine d’Cruz
  • Elizabeth Amakali
  • Peter Chege
  • Viviane Kandundu
  • Edith Mbanga
  • Anna Muller
  • Selma Namwandi
  • Niloke Niingungo
  • Shellie Price
  • Albertina Shenyange
  • Hendrina Shuunyuni
  • Susan Waniru

Understanding children’s risk and agency in urban areas and their implications for child-centred urban disaster risk reduction in Asia

Working paper
  • Donald Brown
  • David Dodman